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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

When the tough get going they can beat the pants out of any Pandemic.

Having stated that what is a Hospitality Design Consultancy firm Vital Concepts & Designs preaching?

Let’s accept that all are wearing their thinking caps and doing all possible to stay relevant to the tomorrow and the day after but here is the catch : we hear from the most experienced to the also said so’s “Stay Open to new ideas”, “Be optimistic keep a positive outlook” “ Invest in your digital future of media, marketing” etc etc, but has anyone really gone back to a drawing board? Put pencil to paper?

Have we in India understood that conceptualizing of ideas needs to be quantified? This is not the time to say adequate, inadequate, small and big: this is the time to be very theme specific & indicate that this will be an Indian, Chinese, Italian, Thai or a Multi Cuisine restaurant .

This is the time to say I will invest in technology helping me in my Receiving, Stores Inventory Management, Pre-preparation, Hot Food Preparation, Bakery & Confectionary & my beverage programs. This is also the time to up the ante on the skilled workforce who can be one man armies, cut the fat, use automation to be lean & mean. Training & retraining of the human talent on the best use of equipment will be the real need of that moment.

Connect with a complete Hospitality Design Consultancy firm, years of experience matter, having worked in real hospitality jobs & the assignments that are success stories matter, client references matter, delivering concepts and out of the box ideas and solutions matter.

Trust me, clients want every rupee spent has a ROI stamp on it. There are numerous ways to start an ROI clock ticking-

· Is the location of the proposed project : Hotel, Restaurant, Cloud Kitchens, Central Laundries workable?

· Is there adequate parking?

· Is there a location to install a Generator? Transformer, a Gas Bank ( LPG) or PNG available?

· Is electricity stable? Is there the required KVA available?

· Is there space to install, Scrubbers/ Boilers?

· What are the local codes for waste Management?

· What will be the customer spends: accommodation? Restaurant F & B?

· How many licenses would be required? to start a Hotel? standalone restaurant? A cloud kitchen or a central Laundry?

· How will employees be provided facilities? Locker & rest spaces, Dining spaces, Uniform issue & return, Human Resources support & most importantly a congenial workplace with best in class indoor air quality.

Ram Vittal Rao, a founding partner of team Vital Concepts & Designs LLP has with his team of specialists carved a niche that helps remove the “rocket” out of the science of hospitality.

Do reach out to Vital Concepts and Designs Email & also visit us at Call us on +919717811366 or +919810301366 allow us to wow you with how we can help your business to stay relevant & become a everlasting success story


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