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Hotel Operations Design Consultant Selection

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The author of this narrative is an innovative hospitality operations design consultant.

He has evolved with 20 plus years of meditative content absorption training under the best in class guru of hospitality. Bringing in an evolution of design suiting all kinds of operations whether under a brand umbrella or independent clients. He firmly believes in always creating an impact so that the designed & meticulously designed product lasts a life time. Real cases of operations teams swearing by the designed product are testimonials.

The attempt of these shared insights will hopefully help the Hospitality Fraternity to gauge the deep impact of the importance of having this hospitality operations design consultant on board. This required all the more at the time where the immaculately designed spaces & carefully specified equipment assets of the client spell the magic words of real returns on investment. All attempts have been made to keep this set of musings as simple as possible. The story is real, the situations are real & the cognizance to the requirement for the best in class bench marked product is more than ever simply real.


Its heartening to note that survival instincts of many industries in India after various global and local setbacks have still kept the inner desires of entrepreneurs and businessmen still burning particularly in the very young hospitality industry to achieve higher bench marked platforms with their products. The importance of taking a Hotel or a Restaurant Operations Consultant on board at the very beginning saves big on every front. Hotels or Restaurants operations is exciting & very exacting. The punishment is so severe that visions of leaking buckets, bad customer service and the scare that breaking even is nowhere in sight turns dreams into horrifying nightmares.


Pre-qualifying Consultants is not difficult. The selection can be 1. Look at projects that have been completed. 2. How long have these been in operation. 3. Call or meet with the owner/client and do a stringent reference check. Get to speak with the operations teams and find out if there are challenges.4. Was the Consultant supporting these completed project & offering solutions to keep the Operations ticking & making money?

Many a time quoted fees becomes the comparison: How can a consultant sustain his or her team by quoting so very low for projects that can go on for years? Hard questions but this is the reality that comes back to bite the operations like a rabid dog. 14 injections will never be a cure: selecting the worthy Consultant is.

Today there are many options to choose from for the clients. Clients today also choose where they are in the marketplace. Some want to be the Best! Some the Average! Some the also Exist and some (this happens after a bad situation) the also-rans. This means that if the client wants to be the best there should be no compromise in the whole process of selecting the best Consultant for this project.


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